Our Mission

The Barnabas Benefit is a USA based charity that connects hearts with needs worldwide. The primary emphasis is the support of native pioneers who are actively and effectively touching the destitute’s needs in their third world home areas. These efforts include but are not limited to, those working with orphans, human trafficking victims, those affected by HIV/AIDS, the educationally challenged, and other physical, dietary, mental, and economic challenges.  The Barnabus Benefit staff evaluates, encourages, educates, enables, and empowers deserving individuals who touch lives for worthwhile causes. These individuals and causes are both initially and periodically evaluated to determine potential and effectiveness.

The Barnabas Benefit is an IRS 501(c) (3) approved charity providing US tax deductions and accountability for donors. Most initial funding provides short term seed money. Future funds are contingent on ongoing results. Recipients are encouraged toward goals of entrepreneurial self-funding with decreasing dependence on funding from developed nations.

Caring Barnabas Benefit volunteers provide direct ongoing encouragement and evaluation through personal contact. They utilize personal on-site visits and a variety of modern technological communication tools and methods. In addition, seminars, micro-loans, distance learning, small business development, and one on one coaching are utilized to maximize empowerment and results.

The Barnabas Benefit utilizes unpaid volunteers coupled with money-saving tools and methods to eliminate or minimize overhead expenses. Maximized leverage of all volunteer man hours and donated funds stretch these investments for the optimum results.

What We've Achieved

  • met orphan's needs in the streets of Kolkata, India
  • provided basic schooling in Indian villages
  • funded literature translation & printing into Sadri tribal language
  • funded bringing third world leaders to the USA for conferences
  • provided educational mp3 players, thumb drives, & SD cards